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What is a Harmony Way of Life?

A Harmony Way of Life looks at life in balance. It’s harmony between the mind and body, and harmony between nature and humanity.

You hear us talking about a Harmony Way of Life often. It’s how we live and what we want for all our clients. What is a Harmony Way of Life? How do we define it?

At Dejia Harmony, we make every decision to help you achieve harmony between your mind and body on your personal wellness journey. A Harmony Way of Life looks at life in balance. It’s harnessing the wisdom of Eastern Medicine and infusing it with the innovation of Western medical science – and discovering the root causes of wellness. It’s harmony between the mind and body, and harmony between nature and humanity.

Our mission

Our mission is to see wellness differently and inspire health in harmony with well-being. As a groundbreaking wellness partner, Dejia Harmony aspires to be the foremost innovator in bridging the gap between herbs and wellness. We use ancient ingredients and modern wellness that, when combined, become a wholly distinctive and dynamic approach to health and wellness.

Our philosophy is simple.

We are constantly creating the Harmony Way of Life and holistically infusing it into everything we do, whether in the products we offer online or through our wellness destination at the Lansdowne Resort in Virginia – our belief in a Harmony Way of Life guides everything we do.

We want to empower you with the tools you need to become guardians of your own health for the rest of your life.

We believe that everyone is healthier when we are aligned in harmony. Everything we do is in the pursuit of creating a healthier future for our clients as well as raising awareness and offering tools to aid the current state of health in this country and around the globe.

In addition to delivering wellness exclusives, experiences, and destinations that allow you to more deeply connect with your own health and well-being, we are contributing to the community by hosting enlightening events and addressing current health issues.

Through sharing our wealth of knowledge, we strive to become the world leader in innovative and effective approaches to improving well-being. Learn more about Dejia Harmony and how you can begin a Harmony Way of Life.


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