We’re here to help you better understand your unique health profile as well as provide the self-management tools to reach your optimal well-being. Dejia Harmony is more than a company. We’re a team of peers focused solely on helping individuals thrive—because everyone is healthier when we’re all aligned in harmony.

At Dejia Harmony, we believe the mind and body are an intricately connected and integrated system. We employ all-natural, therapeutic, preventative experiences and products that advance wellness rather than attempting to mend an issue only after there is a problem. We are bridging the gap between herbs and wellness. We have harnessed the wisdom of thousands of years of Eastern Medicine and put it into each of our supplements and products – turning ancient recipes into modern remedies.

Our Mission

Dejia Harmony strives to become the global leader in advancing botanicals and the practical application of innovative and effective approaches to well-being. We believe in the Harmony Way of Life – and delivering that to our customers in both products and experience. It is infused in all we do.


Empowering You

Everyone can become the guardian of their own health. At Dejia Harmony, we want to give you the tools to evaluate, monitor, maintain and improve your health status. Whether you visit us in person for a Wellness Retreat, come seeking information about your energy channels and how it impacts your overall health, or purchase our powerful herbal supplements to support your immune system and natural energy – we are your partner in health and wellbeing.


A Future in Harmony

Dejia Harmony strives to become the global leader in science, research and the practical application of innovative and effective approaches to well-being—the Harmony Way of Life. In addition to empowering individuals to take control of their health, we are planning several new initiatives at our wellness destination.


The Origins of Dejia Harmony

Our story is rooted in Chinese mythology, with FuXi – one of the most important cultural heroes of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Recognized as the god of fishing, hunting and marriage, FuXi established the founding principles of Chinese philosophy—harmony between nature and humanity and between body and mind. In fact, the foundation of Eastern medicine was built upon these ancient ideals.


The earliest known Eastern medical literature, written 2,500 years ago, is the Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine. Even at that time, a complex system of Eastern medical theories and practices were already established – including the concepts of Yin/Yang and the Five Elements—wood, fire, earth, metal and water – Meridians (or Energy channels in the body) and Zang-Fu. The Zang-Fu system is a collection of organs that produce and regulate vital energy within the body. The 5 zang organs include heart, lung, liver, spleen, and kidney

Built upon these philosophies, Dejia Harmony and its founder, Zhonghua Ci, advocate for the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern wellness.

We believe that wellness is a state of balance and harmony. Achieving this goal is simple enough—clear the meridians, harmonize the Zang-Fus and strengthen the energy channels. Dejia Harmony has created a system to guide you step-by-step along your journey to optimal well-being.

Naturally Superior

Become the guardian of your health with trusted ingredients from Dejia Harmony.

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