Welcome to the very first step on your personal journey to improved wellness. We’re here to help you better understand your unique health profile as well as provide the self-management tools to reach your optimal well-being. Dejia Harmony is more than a company. We’re a team of peers focused solely on helping individuals thrive—because everyone is healthier when we’re all aligned in harmony. Delve deeper into our philosophy…


At Dejia Harmony, we believe the mind and body are an intricately connected and integrated system. We employ all-natural, therapeutic, preventative experiences and products that advance wellness rather than attempting to mend an issue only after there is a problem. Our approach is evidence-based and results-driven to measurably improve signs and indicators for health and wellness.

Combined with natural, food-based remedies, targeted meridians and Zang-Fu organ exercises—along with additional supportive measures—our systematic and personalized approach helps individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle over the long term. To help people embrace the Harmony Way of Life, we have infused our one-of-a-kind offerings into the guest experience at our wellness destination.


Everyone can become the master of their own well-being—with the tools to evaluate, monitor, maintain and improve their health status. They key is a proactive approach, achieved through our easy-to-use, self-service model that is customized to your personal wellness profile.


Dejia Harmony strives to become the global leader in science, research and the practical application of innovative and effective approaches to well-being—the Harmony Way of Life. In addition to empowering individuals to take control of their health, we are planning several new initiatives at our wellness destination.

One of many highlights, the Ben Cao Garden at Lansdowne Resort and Spa will showcase over 1,800 different plants used in Eastern medicine. Additionally, a private health club for professional athletes and other VIP guests will provide private consultations and comprehensive physical therapy utilizing the Dejia Harmony approach. Finally, we plan to curate a museum for Eastern medicine and the Harmony Way of Life, ensuring the knowledge we possess will be passed down to future generations.


Our story began thousands of years ago in the ancient middle kingdom of Huaxia with one of the most important cultural heroes in mythology, FuXi. Recognized as the god of fishing, hunting and marriage, FuXi established the founding principles of Chinese philosophy—harmony between nature and humanity and between body and mind. In fact, the foundation of Eastern medicine was built upon these ancient ideals.

The earliest known Eastern medical literature, written 2,500 years ago, is the Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine. Even at that time, a complex system of Eastern medical theories and practices were already established. In the West, many are aware of the concepts of Yin/Yang and the Five Elements—wood, fire, earth, metal and water—both of which were discussed in this book. Ancient Eastern medicine practitioners also developed the theories of “meridian” and “Zang-Fu.” They noted that, “Meridians decide life and death, touch many diseases and must not be obstructed. The Zang-Fu system is comprised of a “five organ system, alive when strong, fatal when weak.”

Many of the Canon’s theories have withstood the test of time—and even modern medicine still wrestles with some of the very same principles. Consider this quote from the book: “Superior doctors prevent disease, mediocre doctors treat disease before evident and only inferior doctors treat the full-blown disease.” These wellness pioneers already valued prevention over treatment and they were not alone. Built upon this philosophy, Dejia Harmony and its founder, Zhonghua Ci, advocate for the fusion of ancient Eastern medical wisdom and modern Western medical science. We believe that wellness is a state of balance and harmony. There are many steps we can proactively take to realize and remain in that state, longer and happier. Achieving this goal is simple enough—clear the meridians, harmonize the Zang-Fus and strengthen the body constitution. Dejia Harmony has created a system to guide you step-by-step along your journey to optimal well-being.