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10 Natural Powerful Ingredients to Support Respiratory, Immune Health and Overall Wellness

Discover more about some of the best, natural ingredients for supporting immune health and respiratory health, as well as overall wellness

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If you are looking to boost your immune health and overall wellness, you need to be mindful of the different ingredients that you put inside your body. In this post, we are going to take you through 10 of the most powerful ingredients to support your immune health.

Benefits of Ginseng Root 

There is only one place to begin, and this is with ginseng root. This natural ingredient is known for promoting natural energy and immune health. It also helps with any anxious feelings you may have. Known as a potent antioxidant, ginseng root could reduce inflammation and lower your blood sugar. It also provides you with a natural way of fighting tiredness and boosting your energy levels – and can even benefit brain function as well. Ginseng root is a true powerhouse ingredient to support your body’s immune system!

Benefits of Elderberry 

A popular natural remedy during cold weather months, Elderberry is worth looking at all year long. These tiny dark berries help promote heart and immune health, as well as your healthy inflammatory response so that you can deal with seasonal threats. Many experts recommend this natural ingredient in terms of preventing and easing cold and flu symptoms. The flowers and berries of elderberry are full of vitamins and antioxidants that are great for your immune system. They could help with protecting your heart, lowering stress, and taming inflammation. This tiny berry championed a superfood, elderberry is one of the most beneficial natural ingredients for your immune system. Elderberry must be cooked to be consumed.

Benefits of Honeycomb

Honeycomb is a natural bee product made of waxy, hexagonal cells that contain raw honey. This will promote heart health while also assisting in terms of natural wound healing and overall immune health. It is known for boosting liver function and aiding the metabolism of glucose. It can also help to improve fatty liver disease symptoms and normalize the function of your liver. Honeycomb is packed with antioxidants, pollen, enzymes, and vitamins. It contains vitamins D, E, A, B12, B6, and C, as well as zinc, magnesium, iron, and calcium to name but a few. 

You can also give yourself a natural boost of energy by taking supplements that contain honeycomb. The natural sugars, minerals, and vitamins found in this ingredient give you a completely natural boost of energy. This powerful natural ingredient is also known to promote a better night of sleep. It produces the hormones needed for peaceful rest. Honeycomb can also increase insulin and trigger serotonin, an important mood enhancing hormone.

Benefits of Licorice Root 

Next, licorice root can help in terms of supporting immune system health, healthy digestion, lungs, and throat. In terms of digestion, it can assist with acid reflux, heartburn, upset stomachs, and indigestion. It can have potential antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects. 

Early research indicates that it can aid digestion, treat ulcers, and possibly ease upper respiratory infections. There is also proof that licorice root could support dental health as well. In fact, the properties of this ingredient have proven to be helpful for dental diseases such as aphthous ulcers, periodontitis, dental caries, and gingivitis. There is good news for women as well. Licorice root is known to help to ease symptoms associated with your menopausal cycle, such as hot flashes.

Benefits of Apricot Kernel 

Aside from the natural ingredients that we have mentioned, the apricot kennel is a recommended ingredient for healthy lung support and overall immune system health. It contains essential fatty acids omega-3s and omega-6s. These assist in terms of improving mental health and helping to fight heart disease. 

Benefits of Gleditsia Thorn 

Gleditsia thorn is a beneficial, natural ingredient in terms of promoting a natural detox and healthy inflammatory response. In fact, it has been used in conventional medicine for many years as a treatment for immune and inflammatory diseases, including skin diseases, carbuncle, suppuration, and swelling. 

Benefits of Scrophularia Root 

You should also make the most of Scrophularia root. It is well-known for supporting healthy lymph glands and throat, and its anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects. 

Benefits of Forsythia Fruit

The forsythia fruit helps in terms of promoting natural detox and easing neck and head tensions, as well as seasonal threats. The presence of these stunning bright yellow blooms tends to indicate that spring has finally arrived. Not only do they brighten our mood in nature – they offer a number of different benefits in terms of maintaining optimal immune health as well. 

Benefits of Schizonepeta Herba 

A lesser known immune boosting natural ingredient is Schizonepeta Herba. Schizonepeta Herba is traditionally used to ease neck and head tension and helps with seasonal threats. It can also be beneficial for heavy menstrual periods or any sort of skin disorder, including psoriasis, allergic rashes, or eczema. 

Benefits of Honeysuckle Flower

Finally, we have the honeysuckle flower, which promotes immune system health, overall respiratory health, aids with seasonal threats, and also helps provide a healthy inflammatory response in the body. Honeysuckle has also been used for cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, headache, and urinary disorders. The benefits do not end there. Honeysuckle flowers can help you lower your risk of developing diabetes by managing your blood sugar levels. It is also beneficial in terms of preventing cold and flu symptoms, as well as clearing up skin conditions and inflammation, including rosacea, acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Further, Honeysuckle flower can help optimize your digestive system, as well as treat symptoms of bloating, enteritis, constipation, indigestion, and nausea. 

Eastern Medicine and the use of herbal remedies

For thousands of years, Eastern Medicine has employed the use of herbal remedies to improve human health. Tapping into that ancient wisdom, we have put these 10 powerful natural ingredients into our very own immune boosting liquid supplement. Our Respiratory Detox Supplement (RDS) is proven in the category of wellness herb products. It combines the ideal blend of all-natural ingredients to dispel toxins from the body and support a healthy immune system. 

Our natural gluten-free herbal supplement supports full body functions by helping to restore balance, immune functions and by helping the body’s ability to dispel pathogens. Many ingredients within our formula have attributes for supporting the lung’s ability to naturally detoxify. Additionally, our Respiratory Detox Supplement may positively support the body’s response to allergens, increase energy levels, improve digestion gut health, and boost cognitive function.

Rooted in ancient traditional medicine and infused with Western medical science, Dejia Harmony’s RDS – combined with our Hamony Way of Life – allows you to be the guardian of your health and wellness. 


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