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Board of Directors for WHSO-Founder & CEO- Dejia Harmony

Proprietary owner of Lansdowne Resort and Spa

Mr. Ci provides a brand-new solution to address the global health challenges. It will be life-changing for American people and will have a major impact on human health development around the world.” We will focus solely on all-natural, therapeutic, preventative techniques and products that address wellness — instead of only trying to mend an issue after there is already a problem. We’ve married thousands of years of proven Eastern wellness methods with modern technologies to create a holistic approach to achieving health in body and mind

Mark Namdar

Chief Operating Officer-Dejia Harmony

With over three decades of hospitality experience, Mark began his career in the industry shortly after graduating from Texas Tech University with a degree in Business Administration when he joined the Holiday Inn International’s management training program. From the front desk to housekeeping and guest services to food & beverage, Namdar gained experience working in multiple positions, rising through the ranks of his hotel career in transforming and reinvigorating many hotels that are recognized today in the forefront of the hotel industry. Previously, Namdar was the Complex General Manager for two Marriott Properties in Washington DC.

Kevin T. Carter, CHA

Managing Director

Mr. Carter comes to Lansdowne with 39-years of experience in the industry most recently serving as the President of Guests, Inc., a full-service hotel management company headquartered in Strasburg, Virginia.  Having held positions such as director, Corporate Director, Resident Manager, General Manager, Independent Consultant, and a 16-year stint as the Managing Director for the Airlie Resort Hotel.  Mr. Carter served on the management teams of some of the country’s most notable properties including the U.S. Grant Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel San Diego, Club Corporation of America, Rancho Valencia Resort, Kiawah Island Resort, Bald Head Island Resort.

He is currently a member of the Town Council of Warrenton, Virginia, serves on the Board of Directors for the Fauquier Bank and the Board of Southern Innkeepers Association where he previously served as President.  Mr. Carter has been a member of the Board of Directors for the Fauquier Hospital and Health System and the PATH Foundation. In addition, he has served as the President of the Warrenton Rotary Club and Senior Warden and School Board Treasurer for the St. James Episcopal Church in Warrenton, Virginia.

Karen Freidouni, CLC

Clinical Research / R&D / Certified Life Coach

Karen Freidouni has 20+ years’ experience assisting some of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies with pipeline analysis, competitive R & D programs, and generic entries.  In Ms. Freidouni’s previous position, she was responsible for systematic reviews and analyses of clinical trials, including but not limited to preclinical, Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, and Phase IV.  Ms. Freidouni also has extensive knowledge in Scientific Conference Coverage, including analyzing abstracts, posters, and scientific sessions.  Areas of expertise include primary and secondary research methodologies, insights regarding trials and launch timelines of competitors, and their impact on internal development programs. Ms. Freidouni is responsible for developing and managing clinical research, project management, and R & D development. Ms. Freidouni is a member of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP).  Ms. Freidouni’s passion for the wellness of the mind and spirit led her to become a Certified Life Coach.  Currently, Ms. Freidouni is the Life Coach Instructor for Dejia Harmony.  Ms. Friedouni’s philosophy is simple “Coaching isn’t therapy. It’s product development, with you as the product.”

Doctor Lewis A. Hofmann M.D.

Dr. Hofmann served as the White House Physician for the Vice President from 2000-2009  and Director, Vice Presidential Medical Operations. In this capacity, Dr. Hofmann provided (for the first time in history) comprehensive acupuncture care to the entire White House community. Following his service at the White House, Dr. Hofmann was selected to command the Pentagon Flight Medicine Clinic at Andrews Air Force Base, Camp Springs, Maryland, where he was the senior flight surgeon for Air Force One (2009-2010).

Dr. Hofmann has practiced the full scope of Executive and Family Medicine; Most recently, he has devoted his experience and skill to the development of acupuncture training programs for the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs (2014-present).

Dr. Hofmann graduated summa cum laude from Creighton University in 1984 as an ROTC Distinguished Graduate. In 1988, he earned his medical degree from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and went on to complete residency specialty training in Family Medicine where he was selected Chief Resident.  He is certified in medical hypnosis and acupuncture.

Dr. Aihan Kuhn, C.M.D

QiGong / Tai Chi

Dr. Aihan Kuhn, CMD, OBT, is a healer, an award-winning author, and a master of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. For more than 20 years, Dr. Kuhn has helped thousands of patients overcome various physical ailments and emotional pain with her wisdom and healing skills. Many of them found no relief with conventional medicine but felt great improvement after her help with consultations, healing strategies, and holistic teaching.  From her holistic teaching, people have found much improvement in their self-confidence and relationships, as well as in managing stress, reducing pain, and improving their daily energy level.

Dr. Kuhn provides professional development programs with certification, including Qi Gong Instructor Training, Tai Chi Instructor Training, and Wellness Tui Na Therapy Training. Dr. Kuhn has devoted her life to helping people with their healing using Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and holistic healing techniques

Allison Tepper, MS, RD, LDN, RYT

Allison has 7 years of education in the nutrition and health field. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Syracuse University and completed her dietetic internship at the Pennsylvania State University. Allison also holds a Master’s degree in Health Promotion Management with a concentration in Health Communication from American University in Washington, DC.

She completed her 200 Yoga Teacher Training at Easy Day Yoga in Ashburn, Virginia. Allison has extensive counseling experience working with clients with needs ranging from nutrition therapy for disease states, emotional eating, food allergies, disordered eating, IBS, and more. She began her career working at a Virginia-based counseling company and soon after she became the Dietitian for Georgetown University Dining Services.


She now sees clients full-time through her practice. In addition to her counseling work, she also serves as an adjunct instructor at American University in the Department of Health Studies.

Chef Marcus Repp

Director of Culinary Operations

Chef Repp went on to graduate from Küchenmeisterschule Rothenburg ob der Tauber as a Certified Master Chef before cooking and eating his way through Europe and Russia, as well as the Caribbean Islands. Among Chef Repp’s passion for cuisine, he is also a world traveler and music connoisseur. No matter his location or role, chef is inspired by the many cooking philosophies of each destination he visits and incorporates these into his own techniques and lifestyle.

Chef Repp’s refined culinary journey brings him to Lansdowne Resort and Spa with experiences from notable companies such as Westin, Marriott, and Hilton where he has served many roles from Executive Chef to Director of Culinary Operations.

Paul Ramos

Martial Arts / Tai Chi

Paul Ramos has practiced Kung Fu and Holistic Health for over 40 years, including more than 30 years teaching as Director and Chief Instructor of Wu Shen Tao Health & Martial Arts. During that time, Master Ramos has trained thousands of students in the health and martial arts, including several dozen US National Champions. He is known across the US for producing high-caliber students and is frequently invited to serve as a judge at tournaments held around the world.

While pursuing his passion for the internal martial arts of Tai Chi, Bagua, and Xing Yi, Paul studied extensively in Shanghai, China. In 1993, Paul became a 19th generation disciple of the Wu Dang Long Men (Dragon’s Gate) sect, also known as the Taoist Adepts. In 2010, after years of devoted study, he was honored to become the first American recognized by Wu Dang Long Men as a Master.

Master Ramos’ accomplishments include a black belt in Sun Mi Do Karate, a national ranking in Olympic Style Saber Fencing, and 3 national titles in Tai Chi Push Hands. He also has extensive medical training in both Western and Eastern traditions. Paul is a US Army-trained combat medic and intensive care nurse who managed the General Surgery Clinic at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He also has years of training in the Chinese Tui Na system,  acupressure, body manipulation, massage, herbology, and Taoist Meditation and health practices.

Paul continues to train with his teachers, Grandmasters Liu Xiao Ling and Gao Tie Niao, who have helped him integrate the different internal systems and continually deepen his understanding. His training in Medicine and Martial Arts is unceasing and he would have it no other way.

Timothy Stansfield

Massage Therapist

Timothy Stansfield started his career in massage in 2014. He was encouraged to attend massage school by his PT while recovering from shoulder surgery. A graduate of Central Maryland School of Massage, he volunteered at Hood College to perform massage on student-athletes in tandem with the physical therapy team.

He started working in some of the highest-rated spas in the area and found a home at Lansdowne. He combines a variety of massage modalities with a focus on recovery and self-care. Tim is an advocate for blending Eastern and Western medicine and is looking forward to helping each and every client that comes through the doors at Lansdowne.

Kim Albuerne

Yoga Instructor

Kim participated in her first yoga class in 1997; she knew immediately that this practice would become an integral part of her life.  Her teaching experience began in 2006 and has expanded exponentially since.  She has her RYT500 and is currently pursuing a Master of Science with a focus in Yoga Therapy (2021). She has worked with all ages and various communities such as ‘Living with Cancer’.  She holds certifications in Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Somatic, iRest, and Yoga Nidra.  At the core of what she embraces and appreciates about yoga: the learning is on-going. Every time you place yourself on the mat, you experience something new. Yoga is a philosophy that allows the physical to compliment/nurture the mental, emotional and spiritual sides of every individual.  She hopes that her commitment is evident and encouraging to all who are interested in pursuing this beautiful practice.

Ann Margaret Baird

Aquatic Therapy Instructor

Ann made a big career change 10 years ago when she decided to get back to her original passion, Aquatic instructor. Ann is certified ASCA Coaching; Red Cross First Aid/CPR Instructor; Red Cross Life Guard Instructor; ASFA Aquatic Aerobics;  Ann teaches Aqua Cardio, Aqua Fit, Beginner Swim, Swim Team (all levels), Water Safety, Mommy & Me (baby classes), Triathlon In-Water Training, and Strength/Conditioning Senior Classes.

Nicholas A. Zaloga, PGA

Director of Golf

Nick is a PGA Member with twenty years of experience in the golf industry. He is currently the Director of Golf at Lansdowne. Nick has served at various golf operations in the Mid Atlantic ranging from the public to private sector. His high standards in operation, guest-oriented strategy, and building a loyal team are his pillars to success. His personal passion for the sport of golf allows him to travel and discover new and efficient methods to inject into his current operation.  He holds a bachelor’s degree from Frostburg State University, his concentrations were in both sports medicine and computer science.

Chris Cicalese

Personal Trainer

Chris is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer who has been training at Lansdowne since 2019. Chris started his fitness journey at a young age to help him improve his performance in sports. His passion for exercise continued to grow as he began to see results and he knew he wanted to help others transform themselves. Chris attended James Madison University to study Exercise Science and further drive his passion for working out. Chris believes the best investment you can make in yourself is to better your physical and mental health. Chris hopes to help his clients push through plateaus and achieve fitness goals they thought were unachievable!

Tyrone Lindsey

Tyrone is a certified Spinning™ instructor and certified TRX™ group and personal trainer. Specializing in functional training, Tyrone uses multiple modalities to customize workout plans to fit his client’s needs. This includes strength, cardio, core, and high-intensity training utilizing free weights, kettlebells, resistance bands, etc. Moving better, feeling better, and being better are the driving motivators.

Battling health concerns including borderline diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol, I knew I had to change my diet and exercise. I began my fitness journey on a dare to take a spin class. After barely surviving, I stepped up to the challenge and came back again and until I was up to seven days a week, sometimes taking multiple classes a day. That translated into motivating others in the a class, which eventually led to instructing. TRX and multi-modality training was a natural complement to spinning for overall fitness. I am guided by two synergistic ideals:

“Don’t measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability” – John Wooden.

“Better than the Best” Working hard towards your goals and being better than “your” best will curtail complacency while taking your health and fitness journey to new heights. Let’s get to work.