Advocating for Your Health and Well-Being

Advocating for Your Health
and Well-Being

Everything we do is in the pursuit of creating a healthier future for our clients — and we want to raise awareness and offer tools to aid the current state of health in this country and around the world. In addition to providing products and services to deeper connect those to their health and wellness, we are doing our part in the community by hosting enlightening events and addressing current health issues. By sharing our wealth of information and life-changing tools, we strive to become the global leader in innovative and effective approaches to health.

Upcoming Events

Harmony Wellness Experience

Harmony Wellness Experience: Fall 2020

Event Date: April 3, 2026
Lansdowne Resort and Spa in Leesburg, Virginia
The further collaboration, research and development of Ancient Chinese medicine with Eastern approaches to diagnoses and treatments with a greater focus on the overall health and wellness and lifestyle to achieve the necessary ends.

Event Archive

WHSO - 2019 Spring Conference

The World Health Science Organization (WHSO) 2019 Spring Conference

Experts in Eastern and Western medicine came together to discuss the pursuit of leading the fusion of Eastern and Western medicine. From the meaning of “fusion” and defining “health science” from a holistic viewpoint to establishing Ancient Chinese medicine as a standard part of wellness practice and more — this event broke new ground on all that Dejia Harmony is hoping to achieve. Ronny L. Jackson, MD, FAAEM, Chief Medical Advisor of The White House also attended and shared his knowledge in a presentation to Conference attendees.

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