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Improve cognitive ability and function with these super ingredients

February 6, 2023 by Admin

Cognitive ability refers to your ability to problem-solve, think, reason, and process information. Essentially – it is the way our brain functions. It’s easy to think that cognitive ability relies on genetics alone – but there are methods we can all use to improve our cognitive ability naturally.

In fact, mounting research indicates that as many as 40 percent of dementia cases may be prevented with lifestyle intervention. Accordingly, lifestyle changes like a healthy diet and exercise are becoming increasingly widespread recommendations as a line of defense for cognitive health. In fact, there is some scientific evidence that Traditional Chinese Medicine may have positive impact in patient’s diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.

With that in mind, in this blog post, we are going to take a look at some of the super ingredients popular in TCM that can enhance cognitive function. Adding these ingredients to your diet can benefit your brain power and cognitive function.

Honeysuckle Flower

Lonicera caprifolia, otherwise known as honeysuckle, is a group of flowering vines or shrubs. The leaves,

berries, seeds, and flowers can be used for medicine. Honeysuckle offers a whole host of different

benefits. It is regularly used for digestive disorders, which include swelling of the brain, which is known

as encephalitis.

Elderberry Juice

We cannot talk about super ingredients for cognitive function without discussing elderberry juice. There

are some cases whereby elderberry has been shown to enhance a person’s mood due to the

phytochemicals that are present within it. Furthermore, elderberry juice has also been shown to relieve

some of the symptoms associated with emotional and mental disorders, including depression and



Not only does honeycomb taste incredible but it provides a whole host of different benefits. The

antioxidants that are present in honey are known for enhancing a person’s memory. They are able to

achieve this by counteracting the impact of oxidative stress. If that was not enough, honey is an

ingredient that features incredibly high levels of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants that support brain


Licorice Root

Next, we have licorice root. Research has indicated that carbenoxolone, which is a compound found in

licorice root, could help to slow down the impact of aging on the brain and help to keep your mental

skills as sharp as possible. This research has revealed that carbenoxolone inhibits an enzyme in the brain that has been involved in creating hormones relating to stress, which have also been linked with age-

related mental decline.

Scrophularia Root

Another ingredient that can provide huge benefits when it comes to brain power is Scrophularia Root.

This powerful herb can help enhance your body’s resistance to stress. There has been research that has

shown that this ingredient can lower cortisol levels and elevate your mood, as well as lowering anxiety

and stress levels.

Apricot Kernel

Apricot Kernel plays a huge role when it comes to brain function. An apricot kernel looks very much like

a small almond. In terms of your health, apricot kernels are highly beneficial because they are high in

essential fatty acids. There are two main types of fatty acids, and the one that is highly linked with brain

function is omega-6, i.e. linoleic acid. Linoleic acid plays a critical role in healthy growth and

development and your brain function.

Ginseng Root

Next, we have Ginseng Root, which can help to enhance brain functions, including your mood, behavior,

and memory. There have been a number of animal and test-tube studies that have revealed that

compound K, ginsenosides, and other components of ginseng can help to protect your brain against

damage that is caused due to free radicals.

Purified Water

Water may be one of the most basic ingredients to humans, yet it is also one of the most powerful and

beneficial. Drinking water is one of the ways that you can enhance your brain health by simply boosting

the oxygen and blood flow to the brain. This helps to enhance cognition and concentration, which also

helps balance your emotions and moods, lowering headaches and stress in the process.

Support Cognitive Health naturally with RDS

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