Become the Guardian of your Health

We believe in the Harmony Way of Life – and delivering that to our customers in both products and experience. It is infused in all we do, and it starts with our time-tested and herbal super blends that allow you to proactively take charge of your health.

  • Powerful Herbal Super Blends

    Our proprietary herbal blend with Elderberry is a unique recipe used for centuries in ancient medicine.

  • Liquid for Fast Absorption

    Maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle with our easy-to-take liquid formulation that promotes natural energy, respiratory health and immune system support.

  • Rigorous Testing

    All of our ingredients are third-party tested.

  • Support Full Body Functions

    Our powerful super herbs help restore balance, support immune functions and support the respiratory system.

  • Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine

    We are harnessing the wisdom of Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine and bridging the gap between herbs and wellness.

  • Gluten Free Herbal Supplements

    Safe for those with a sensitivity to Gluten.

Embrace the Harmony Way of Life

For those seeking to fully immerse themselves, our wellness resort infuses every moment of your stay with the Harmony Way of Life. Through proven wellness pathways and custom-designed retreats, you can take command of your personal wellness journey.

What is the assessment?
  • Resort Treatment

    We harmonize the best of Eastern and Western therapies to create a unique and balanced approach to wellness in our AAA Four Diamond award-winning resort nestled into over 450 acres.

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  • Pathways

    In ancient medicine, wellbeing is supported through a variety of modalities—including acupuncture, meditation, and movement. Explore the many pathways to the Harmony Way of Life in person at our wellness resort.

  • Wellness Retreats

    Our team of experts has custom-designed a collection of wellness retreats to guide you on the path to becoming the guardian of your own health and well-being.

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Experience Wellness Differently with Dejia Harmony

We believe in Ancient Ingredients and Modern Wellness

At Dejia Harmony, we believe the mind and body are an intricately connected, integrated system. We employ all-natural, therapeutic, preventative experiences and products that advance your wellness rather than attempting to mend an issue only after a health problem shows up. Our approach is evidence-based and results-driven to measurably improve signs and indicators for health and wellness.

We strive for Harmony in All Things

Dejia Harmony embodies the law of balance, seeking perfect serenity between mind and body as well as nature and humanity. By combining ancient medicine and modern wellness, Dejia Harmony shares the root causes of wellness and guides individuals to live a life in balance. We inspire and empower all people to become the guardians of their own health and well-being. You can enjoy harmony between the mind and body and harmony between nature and humanity.

We look at these Key Indicators of Health

These indicators of health status stem from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Invisible vital energy pathways that run through the body. You can think of Meridians like rivers, carrying the flow of energy (called Qi or Chi) just like a river carries the flow of water in a specific direction. These Meridian pathways work by distributing energy, nutrients, and blood across the body like the way the circulatory system operates. 
A collection of organs that produce and regulate vital energy within the body. The 5 zang organs include heart, lung, liver, spleen, and kidney
According to traditional eastern medicine theory, sound is closely related to the energy of the human body and nature. Therefore, sound can represent space-time changes and indicate the human body qi, blood, viscera, emotions, diseases, and other changes.
Every individual has a unique body constitution, or body type, which changes over time and affects how you feel, how you behave and how your body responds to causes of illness

What our customers are Saying

Amazing Boosts my immune system
rating star

I have been taking throughout the last year and never gotten COVID Definitely feel it boost my immune system and keeps me strong and healthy. Thank you for making this it has all the vitamins and supplements in one bottle and makes it easy for you to take

Great Product!
rating star

I have a six years old who was sick with coughing and running nose. I gave her the Respiratory Detox supplement for 2 days and she was back to 100% with no coughing and able to go back to school. This is a great product and works to improve immune system and helps respiratory system. I will definitely recommend this product to others.

Sandy C
Keeps The Lungs Healthy
rating star

We so often forget about how important our lungs are for our health. This is a good product to help keep them healthy and in good shape. Easy to take and seems to work well. The taste is pleasant, though a bit sweet for my taste, though most will like it like that. It has that great berry purple berry taste that is so good for you.

Good quality ingredients
rating star

I like the flavor so it makes it easier to take. It helped me recover faster so it’s definitely a must have.

Useful supplement for respiratory health and immunity
rating star

This is a good supplement that feels and tastes like a nice medicine. There's a nice range of non-GMO ingredients with a solid overall dosage (3,920 mg) per serving. The price is a little high for only 12 servings per bottle, though.


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