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Discover Dejia Harmony

Dejia Harmony is a groundbreaking wellness service organization with a mission to empower people to be the guardians of their health and well-being. We offer our customers and partners a systematic, self-guided approach to assess, monitor and intervene on their own wellness status. Our service system utilizes a suite of tools, including a mobile app, customized nutritional supplements, wellness enhancing devices, and unique and innovative exercise routines that are based on a fusion of Eastern medical wisdom and Western medical science.

Seeing Wellness Differently

Dejia Harmony is your health partner dedicated to the fusion of Eastern medical wisdom and Western medical science to address one’s overall wellness, rather than merely symptoms. As the World Health Organization’s statistics demonstrate, aside from medical care, environment and genetics — lifestyle choices alone account for over 60% of human health and life expectancy. Many wellness specialists make claims on their own gadgets and ideas, but rarely do they provide an evaluation of your overall wellness status before giving you their solution, which may or may not suit you. That is how we are different from the rest. Our system assesses and quantifies your wellness status based on your meridian, Zang-Fu and constitution status before we recommend a customized intervention plan.

Seeing Wellness Differently
Restoring Respiratory Detox Shot

Restoring Respiratory Detox Shot

Ancient Chinese medicine has included the use of herbal remedies to improve human wellness status for thousands of years. The right combination of specific herbs helps dispel toxins from the human body and supports the immune system. The Respiratory Detox Shot is exactly that — an all-natural, herbal-based remedy in a drinkable form.

Respiratory Detox Shot Results

  • 39 Year Old Female
    “I am much more energized every day.
    I would recommend this to my family and friends.”
    39 Year Old Female
  • 28 Year Old Male
    “I feel much better in terms of my body condition. I feel healthier after I completed my 15–day regimen. I believe that the shot really helped to reduce my allergy symptoms, and I gained more energy and am able to focus on my work better than before.”
    28 Year Old Male
  • 55 Year Old Female
    “Increased energy and overall feeling good.”
    55 Year Old Female
  • 53 Year Old Female
    “Feel my system is cleaner, less toxins.”
    53 Year Old Female

Leading the Way

Dejia Harmony is championing the conversation around how people approach health and wellness, not only with our full complement of offerings — but also through innovative events held at Lansdowne Resort and Spa.

Pictured from left to right: Albert Chan President, WHSO Academic & Advisory Committee; Lewis Hofmann, MD Member, WHSO Academic & Advisory Committee; Liu Baoyan, Member, WHSO Academic & Advisory Committee.

Leading the Way